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    COBOL encoder issues in Netbeans 6.5


      I have installed the latest COBOL encoder plugins (v1.0) in NetBeans 6.5. I imported a COBOL copybook definition file (.cpy) in my project. However when I right-click on the copybook definition file, the ‘Generate XSD’ option does not appear in the context menu. Is there a problem with the encoder plugin working in Netbeans 6.5, or is there another way to generate XSD from the copybook definition?

      Alternatively, can I generate the XSD programmatically (say in POJO)? if this is possible, please point me to some sample code and the encoder class javadoc.

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          Is this in the context of OpenESB? If so, we don't support NetBeans 6.5, only NetBeans 6.1.
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            We are evaluating OpenESB running on GlassFish v2. We started with NetBeans 6.1, but our local Sun guys told us to use NetBeans 6.5. Another reason of using 6.5 is that we need the Design view of the XSLT designer to facilitate our mapping needs (it is not available in 6.1).

            If the coco encoder design time is not supported in Netbeans 6.5, can I call the encoder functions programmatically to generate the XSD from cobol copybooks, do encoding/decoding of messages, etc. Where can I find the javadoc references to the encoder classes?
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              you can get the coco encoder design time to work with netbeans 6.5.1 using the wiki below.