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    UNIX to VMWARE Connection

      Fellow Java Gurus,

      I am trying to connect to a VMWARE (Windows 2003 Box) from a UNIX environment to Stop a Windows Service. I also need to Start the Same service when required. The Solution will be a CRON / Autosys based Job in UNIX which will call a piece of Java Code which either stops or starts the desired service.

      - Any code snippets you can provide for starting or stopping the service is much appreciated.
      - Also, would Java code be required to be deployed in Windows, would like to avoid that if possible.
      - Also, is there a way to avoid installing the openssh or a similar program and still be able to connect to a Windows box from UNIX?

      Your help on this is much much appreciated, the best answer gets at least 10 Duke rewards more as a sign of my gratitude.


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