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    Deploying a BPEL process with an HTTP GET urlEncoded operation

      Hi world :).

      We're defining a SOA application which broadcast "information" in academic institutions. The main process (which aggregates all the information sources and return the list of relevant information) MUST be accessible through HTTP GET, as a simple URL (as the broadcast client is an AJAX application, running in a web browser).

      So, I define the binding in the WSDL interface as the following:
          <binding name="InfoProviderBinding" type="tns:InfoProviderPortType">
              <http:binding verb="GET"/>
              <operation name="GetInfos">
                  <http:operation location="/get"/>
                  <input name="input1">
                  <output name="output1"/>
      Remark: The complete WSDL file is available here: http://jseduite.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/providers/InfoProvider/src/InfoProvider.wsdl

      Unfortunately, it basically doesn't work. When accessing the expected URL (i.e. http://localhost:9080/InfoProviderService/InfoProviderPort/GetInfos/get?identifier=plasma), an error appears in the glassfish log:
      com.sun.jbi.httpsoapbc.OperationResolveException: HTTPBC-E00732: Operation location GetInfos/get exists, but is not defined to service urlEncoded requests. Operation resolution failed.
      I'm running Glassfish V2, and Netbeans 6.5 IDE (standard SOA pack).

      Thanks for you answers :).