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    ESB general question. (newb)

      Hi all :)

      Our сompany has for about 30 branch offices, each brach has it's own web service (ASP.NET) with about 40 operations. But all they has similar interfase (WSDL). Our project goal is to create single entry point for corporate web services.

      The question: is this problem can be solved by using GlassfishESB + Netbeans IDE (BPEL module, Composite Application)?

      Is there any real life examples of such solutions?


      PS. sorry for my english )
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          Yes, That is easily possible with Glassfish ESB. Even i have done similar orchestration with 23 Web services.
          For your implementation you have to decide what will be the input/output for this orchestration. Basically Orchestration needs all the inputs at one time for the different web services. orchestration also have possiblities to condition based request.