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    How to disable JBI retry?

      Hello experts,

      I am a bit fresh to JBI as Netbeans tends to do a lot of the work for you.

      I am writing an app that links algorithms together via a BPEL flow. I'm using Glassfish/OpenESB that is bundled with Netbeans 6.5 (glassfish-v2ur2).
      The flow in question makes a call to the first web service that gets data and calls the second web service which runs an algorithm that can take a long time to finish. If the second web service call times out, the BPEL flow is retried (The first web service is called again at least). This occurs after ~5 minutes.

      I set the redelivery extensions for the JBI Module to have Max Attempts=1, Wait Time=a large number, and Max Concurrency Limit=1. This keeps it from retrying the second web service over and over but doesn't keep it from retrying the entire flow. We are trying to stress test our algorithms to see the extent of what data sizes we can work with and this is getting in the way.

      So the question is: How can I disable the retry and set it to either have a very large timeout or no timeout at all?

      I understand why you would want good QoS for more traditional SOA applications but we don't necessarily
      need it here.

      Thanks so much for your time!