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    BPELSE Monitoring

      Good morning,

      I'm working on monitor project for BPEL services, it aims to verify behavioral protocols (regular expressions, automatas) ...

      There is a static way, like this simple and elegant Web based solution

      Unfortunately it does not fit for my needs :( , I need a dynamic/real time solution ... I think that the most obvious way is to use the
      - [Monitoring API|http://wiki.open-esb.java.net/Wiki.jsp?page=BPELMonitor] / bpelseDB;
      - and the [Dispatching and BPELSE Event Listener Framework|http://wiki.open-esb.java.net/Wiki.jsp?page=BPELSEEventListener]

      *My problem is that  BPELEventListener is an internal interface how I could use it for an external project ??*

      Is there another way to react (a kind of Listener) when bpelse send/receive an ActivityEvent or an VariableEvent ??


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          We (the BPEL SE Team) are planning to built BPEL Monitoring console that would allow, among other things, to monitor the Business Processes with instances, control instance execution (suspend/resume), search, view and change instance variable data. In addition, we might provide features for testing and diagnostics of a business process. There might also be statistics regarding the performance and execution of process instances. We plan to have this by the end of the current year.

          I don't quite fully understand what you mean by "behavioral protocols (regular expressions, automatas)". Can you clarify that little bit. This might help us in selecting features to add.


          Malkit S. Bhasin
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            Hi Wassim,

            First, I suggest you post these questions on the users@openesb mailing list. You are much more likely to get responses from people who have tried similar things as well as responses from the BPEL SE developers. This list should be for purely JBI standard related questions.

            In the archives of the list you may find people who are using the BPEL monitoring APIs in a way that may suit you.
            For instance,
            is an example of invoking the monitoring APIs at runtime in order to extract finer detail error messages.

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              Hi Malkit,

              Thank you for your interest,

              The behavioral interfaces/protocols can be expressed by collaboration protocol profile in ebXML or abstract process in BPEL it's a way to express the external (interface) behavior of Web service and it's can easily be represented by regular expression or automata ... but this is a very special purpose I don't think it will be relevant to add it as a main feature to the BPEL SE monitor ...

              In fact my interest in a BPEL monitor is his ability to react dynamically and not only in a "pooling" way ... that's why I was asking for a way to detect an ActivityEvent or an VariableEvent without manipulating internal classes and interfaces like BPELEventListener.java ...


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                Hi Jason,
                Tank you for the advise !! I really appreciate and I will try the openesb mailing list.