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    Training for stress management

      What techniques are being employed by the corporate organizations for stress management of their employees, and are they really beneficial and what extent are they successful in implementing these techniques?
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          The major techniques used by CEO Wellness are:
          Wellness Audits before implementation: Implementing changes/adjustments both active (what can be easily seen) and passive (what is not obvious) can achieve far reaching positive benefits. Implementation without hard information is unlikely to achieve the desired results. By utilizing the Wellness audit, based on the information from the site inspection and other forms of data, there will be areas that “stand out,” and this will dictate what implementation(s) will have the greatest impact. The level of success of ANY wellness program depends upon the motivation of employee enrollment, as well as education and training imparted to the employees before implementing the program. CEO wellness is a professional agency specializing in this field. To find out more: http://ceowellness.com/ . Please consult this website for more information, or email Dr. George directly at ceowellness@live.com