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    BPEL Mapping issues

      I am doing simple mapping in BPEL, an element to element mapping from source to destination.

      Where Source is a collection of Type A object, and destination is a collection of TypeB object. Both TypeA and Type B, has a element named "EMP_Name". Source to destination I am doing a straight mapping.

      I am getting result as, sequence of EMP_Name, instead of collection of TypeB objects, where each object contains EMP_NAME.

      Appreciate your help to get the output as a Collection of TypeB objects, with each object having the EMP_Name elment value.
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          Please post a message at users@open-esb.dev.java.net for quick response.

          If I got your description right, you need to do the leaf node level mapping to address the issue.
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            Hi Murali,

            THanks for the quick resposne.

            I am already mapping at the leaf node level, also the data types are same.

            Below error I am getting:

            <detailText>BPCOR-6135:A fault was not handled in the process scope; Fault Name is {http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsbpel/2.0/process/executable}selectionFailure; Fault Data is null. Sending errors for the pending requests in the process scope before terminating the process instance
            Caused by: I18N: BPCOR-3023: Selection Failure occurred in BPEL({http://enterprise.netbeans.org/bpel/esbAD_test1/esbAdProcess}esbAdProcess) at line 32!
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              I have collection array at both source and destination. When I am doing direct mapping at the leaf node level. I am getting error. When I mapped the Source leaf node to String variable, then String variable to destination leaf node. I am getting output as blank nodes.

              While mapping in BPEL, collection objects, do we need to use any predicates or any special way do we need to map ???

              Appreciate if any one can provide the sample example to map the Array of objects from source to destination ?