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    Coco Encoder Escaping Problematic Character Like Greater Sign

      Hi there

      We use CocoEncoder to transform fixed length Cobol Copybook formatted files to XML. So far this solution works like a charm. However, latest input data contains a "<" (less than) sign, which makes the generated XML invalid. So my question is: Is there a way to let CocoEncoder on the fly escape special characters? The problems I cannot do that before or after the transformation are: (a) Before is not possible because the fixed length records do not allow for proper escape of single characters, as the length would normally be changed, and (b) After that we have an invalid XML which is not handable any more with usual XML parsers. So it would be most appropriate to have these escapes completed during the generation of the XML itself. Is there a way to do that in CocoEncoder?

      Daniel Frey