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    Deployment Strategy in OSB

      Hi All,

      I have developed a project in OSB. Exported the resources as sbconfig.jar.

      When this resource is imported in client environment all the proxies and business definitions and what i do inside that is visible for the client.

      Now if i have to deliver this to a customer on a clause that the IP of this project belongs to me how is it possible?

      If anybody is working on OSB please let me know how the delivery is happening .
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          Patrick Taylor
          The only possible way I can think of is to use the @Comments section to give all the IP related information may be the start of the Proxy Services. This is similar to the Java Docs we have for each of the Java classes in the beginning mentioning about the functionality and the author details.

          But just wanted to let you know that once the client imports your code base on his environment, he still has the option to clear out all that you have documented.

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            Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
            You may use customization in OSB to change environment related values -


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              Hi Patrick Taylor,

              Your answer explains the doubt i had.

              So can i confirm that there is no-way in OSB that ONLY the binaries can be delivered to the client with a customization.xml for each environment they have ?
              so that the client doesnot have access to see what is happening inside the proxy.

              As per oracle policy if i deliver something to a client the IP should be with Oracle. Now since the client has the ability to see all the things developed the IP is now in peril.
              So i wanted to know how Oracle was executing previous projects on OSB and how the deliverables IP was maintained.

              Hi Anuj Dwivedi,

              I am aware of the Customization.xml but still that doesnt prevent us from exposing the developed flow's code to the client.
              Still thanks for sharing that information

              Praveen Arockiasamy
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                Hi Praveen,

                Usually the IP in IT will be legally bound and can not be protected by abstraction, at least not very easily.
                Mostly a service provider will develop something for a client which will be installed/run on the client's infrastructure. You can not always encrypt everything and there is always a possibility of reverse engineering or theft of IP. What you can do though is get the IP rights for the developed artifacts legally and make sure that you mention the IP rights related details in the comments sections of OSB artifacts.
                The bottom line is, No you can not prevent your client to view/edit the OSB code if it is running on your client's infrastructure.