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    Requisition Accural Account


      We are on 12.1.2. When creating a requisition in iProcurement and approved for an expense line.

      The accrual account is not getting all the segments from PO options except for the cost center, not sure where the other 5 segments are coming from.

      Any help is appreciated.

      Thank you,
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          Hi Ravi,
          Please check the HR record (Employee) of the requisitioner.. Look for the Default expense a/c rule defined against his/her name in HR. When you create requisition using i-proc for expense items, the Charge account will be generated from either

          1) Default expense a/c rules defined at employee record (requisitioner/requestor of PR)
          2) Based on commodity based a/c rule (Purchasing Setup > Financials > Accounting > Expense Account Rules)
          3) Manual entry of a/c

          Hope this helps.

          / S.P DASH