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    Help pls!

      Hi, can someone pls tell me what the difference between a normal class and an 'abstract class' is.

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          classes in philosophy and religion are also abstract :)
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            Ah, greetings 'fellow', just thought I'd have a hum before anyone else does.
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              Wow thanx mchan0! An 'abstract class' seems a bit like those 'interface' things (I think my tutor used that food example when he was talking about them)
              Ah, greetings 'fellow', just thought
              I'd have a hum before anyone else does.
              erm ok ....

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                Hey Jessica, you were supposed to be in The Met last night but I couldn't see you anywhere. I'm heading down to Titanic tonight so I might catch-up with you there. I think that JamieOliver was planning to put in an appearance as well so it should be a good crowd. Bring your homework and we'll all muck in.

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                  Sorry old girl. Cant make it Im off fer a drink wi me ol mukkah Chris Evans.
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                    I'm heading down to Titanic tonight
                    Maybe I'll see you there, I generally avoid soho but I suppose if it's good enough for posh and becks. I think I'm going to the Ivy then maybe the Chinawhite. I don't think I'll take my homework (cheeky!) but I'll certainly make a appearence if Jamie Oliver is going to be there, he's like, such a babe!

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                      Chris Evans just rang to call it off, apparentley he'd rather be seen with someone cool like Danny Baker and that my wife was too old for him.
                      So I'll knock up a quick batch of proper nosh and meet yer all there. Hope you all like Pie and Mash Suchi, beautiful.