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    Too many cursors open !!!

      Hi, I am trying to get the blob data using OraDynaset.
      Then I assign the Blob data into the global array and using it later. My problem is that just reference to Dynaset object is assigned and therefore cursors stays open until I have destroyed the array. Is it any other way how to assign BLOB data into the array using the actual value? Here is a snippet of my code.

      Private Sub getSpecialTypeData(currType As String, currIdentifier As String)
      Dim oraData As OraBlob
      Dim SQL As String
      Dim oraSet As OraDynaset
      Set oraSet = OraDatabase.CreateDynaset("SELECT RAWDATA FROM SPS.CHEMCLASSDATA WHERE CHEMNAME='" & Replace(currIdentifier, "'", "''") & "'", ORADYN_READONLY)
      Set oraData = oraSet.Fields("RAWDATA").Value
      Set oraSet = Nothing
      'put the data at the end of the Xarray(data starting with index of 1)
      arrSpecColData.ReDim 0, arrSpecColData.UpperBound(1) + 1,
      arrSpecColData.LowerBound(2), arrSpecColData.UpperBound(2)
      arrSpecColData(arrSpecColData.UpperBound(1), 0) = currIdentifier
      arrSpecColData(arrSpecColData.UpperBound(1), 1) = oraData
      'free the memory
      Set oraData = Nothing
      End Sub

      Thank you Marek