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    Cant get JAR file to execute

      I'm developing an application in using JDK 1.2.1 and Borland/Inprise's JBuilder Professional version 3.0 (the OS is MS windows 98).

      My program is an application , not an applet.

      My program runs OK from the jbuilder development environment, but now I want it standalone , as a .JAR file. Using jbuilders deployment wizard, I've created a .JAR file for my program ("untitled2.jar).
      It includes a manifest.

      I set up a test subdirectory c:\test and copied all the files from c:\program files\javasoft\jre\1.2\bin (which includes java.exe and javaw.exe). I then copied untitled2.jar to c:\test

      I've looked in books & searched on the web site and I've tried various permutations of the syntax. For example I tried :

      java -jar -cp c:\test untitled2.jar

      but get the error message:

      "Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from untitled2.jar"

      Have I just got the syntax wrong or am I missing something else?

      Also do I understand right that JRE.EXE has been replaced with JAVA.EXE (and JREW.EXE with JAVAW.EXE) ?

      thanks in advance for any help

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          1. You don't really need to copy stuff out of the jre. Directly from the jre you can execute java.exe.

          2. Your dont need the -jar

          3. Looks like you named your jar in the commandline, but not the class you actually want to execute.


          java -cp c:\test\untitled2.jar MyClassWithMain

          (Substitute the name of the class which has your main method)
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            Your syntax was correct but you need to check wether your MANIFEST.MF resides in the directory META-INF in the .jar file.

            You also need to check wether this MANIFEST.MF contains a line like

            Main-Class: my.main

            Note that everything is case-sensitive!

            And about your question wether jre.exe is replaced with java.exe: this is indeed true.


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              try to check that you really have the manifest file with: jar -t untitled2.jar
              If it does have it, are you sure you have the line "Main-Class: classname" in it?

              Running the jar file can then be done with java -jar untitled2.jar
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                Thanks for the replies. I tried what you said :

                I've replaced "untitled2.jar" with "loofabtest.jar" (actual name of the program)
                The program is 2 java source files (loofabtest.java and frame1.java) , the main file is contained in
                public class loofabtest within in loofabtest.java. The JAR file created is called loofabtest.jar

                As I said previously the program runs OK from within jbuilder. All files & class names are lower case.

                I used winzip (version 7.0) to open loofabtest.jar.
                When I open loofabtest.jar there is a file called Manifest.mf with a path:


                when I open that there is NO line

                Main-Class: my.main or similar

                So I edit the Manifest.mf file & added a line :

                Main-Class: loofabtest

                Query 1: is this syntax right or should the line read: Main-Class: loofabtest.class

                after editing the file , when I save it I get an overwrite option , if I say no , I end up with 2 manifest files (which I think wont work) If I yes to overwrite , the file loses the
                path (i.e. there is no path)
                I tried editing the manifest in jbuilder , but with no luck (jbuilder autogenerates the manifest)

                I also tried extracting all the files in the JAR , editing the manifest , then rearchiving them. I get the error message

                java.io.IOException: invalid manifest format
                at java.util.jar.Manifest.read(Compiled Code)
                at java.util.jar.Manifest.<init>(Manifest.java:55)
                at sun.tools.jar.Main.run(Main.java:87)
                at sun.tools.jar.Main.main(Main.java:760)

                Query 2 : Is there an easy way to edit the manifest file to add the line needed and keep the meta-inf\ path?

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                  Use the "jar" command line tool distributed with the JDK:
                  jar vcmf manifest.txt loofabtest.jar loofabtest.class frame1.class
                  The file manifest.txt should have the text "Main-Class: loofabtest" and a line break. DON'T forget the line break!