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    downloading java for linux

      I have red hat linux v7.0. I want to download jdk1.3 for linux. There are 2 downloads for it.

      1.RedHat RPM shell script
      2.GNUZIP Tar shell script

      I tried to download RedHat RPM shell script ,but it failed.
      Can I use GNUZIP Tar shell script for redhat linux.
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          As long as it's a distribution for linux, you should be ok - Java is cross platform, but the JVM, its interpreter, has to be ported to each OS.

          The only difference between the two is that the RPM is supposed to be easier to install. RPM means "Red Hat Package Manager" or something like that, and its purpose is to simplify software installation on linux. Doesn't sound like it made life any easier for you, though. The tar.gz version should work.
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            Yes, you can use the tar.gz shellscript, no problem. It's maybe even easier than the rpm.
            After making the package runnable (the same with the RPM, if that was your problem: e.g. chmod 750 j2se-{version}.tar.gz.sh) and run it
            (./j2se-{version}.tar.gz,sh), where you will be asked to agree to the SUN Java licence, the shell-script will create a .tar.gz in the directory. Then simply uncompress it (gunzip filename.tar.gz) and unpack it (tar xf filename.tar, you can also make uncompression and unpacking in one way, see man tar). You can unpack it directly to the right dir, or somewhere else, or in the current dir and then move it where you want it. Adding the PATH, if preffered, and it should work.
            You can also take a look to
            for special Linux JDK's. IBM is also providing JDK's (or j2se's as now called) for Linux, which are often benchmarked to be the fastest on Linux (e.g. the ibm-jdk-1.1.8 was mentioned the prefered one in the Readme in apache jserv and other Java - Tools).

            Why does the download of the RPM failed ? Linux also has Download Manager (e.g. caitoo), or you give the URL to the JDK to wget (wget -c can continue the DL later on, if it breaks). It is known that Netscape sometimes corrupt Files, even on Win.