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    Listener port 443

      Good morning

      I need your help for this case.

      I'd like to see an example of the listener with port 443 for oracle 11G R2, IBM AIX

      I use this

      (ADDRESS =

      But I'd like to know:

      1. I have to use : Presentation=HTTP or Presentation=HTTPS ?
      2. How can use port 80 and port 443 in the same listener.ora for apex?

      I use OWM to the enable the certificate, modify the listener, execute DBMS_XDB.setHTTPPort(443) and the alter system register but my SSL page doesn't work:

      What can I do to put my SSL to work? I have to do another thing?

      Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance

      Alberto Rico
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          Hi Alberto,

          I'm not sure whether you are in the right forum or I misunderstood what your problem is. This forum is about the APEX Listener, a component running on a J2EE Web Server in order to provide access to APEX using that Webserver.
          You don't need the XDB HTTP Server to use the APEX Listener.
          What you're trying to do is to get XDB running with HTTPS. The official documentation concerning that problem can be found here:
          and here:

          There exists another handsome Howto that's a bit more compact:

          I hope this helps you get SSL working. Anyway I'd use some other service like a proxy or a OHS or (which is the topic of that forum) the APEX Listener on a SSL-enabled J2EE Container to secure access to APEX.