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    Problem in creating a new User in demo CC&B


      I have set up CC&B 2.1 with demo data in windows machine. Default Base user is SYSUSER and password is sysuser00. Now i created a new custom user in the Users Page, but i dont know where to set up the password for this user. I could not login with my system's network password for the custom user. Am i missing something ?. Any suggestions would surely help
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          You setup/maintain User security on the Web/Application Server, be it Tomcat, Weblogic, OAS, etc.

          I guess you have setup Tomcat considering v2.1 and on Windows, you'll have to configure User details under +%SPLEBASE%\product\tomcatBase\conf\tomcat-users.xml+ along with User creation with the same User ID within the Application.
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            Thanks luckys. It works in Tomcat. Please let me know where to configure the user information if i use weblogic.
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              You probably want to create USER01 / USER0100 as a test first. Once you create this user in Web Logic, you will want to be sure to add this user to the "cisusers" group. Here are the instructions for adding a user inside Web Logics (you will also find detailed instructions inside the Help of Web Logics);

              Logon to Web Logics console;

              To create a user:
              1.     In the left pane select Security Realms.
              2.     On the Summary of Security Realms page select the name of the realm (for example, myrealm).
              3.     On the Settings for Realm Name page select Users and Groups > Users.
              The User table displays the names of all users defined in the Authentication provider.
              4.     Click New.
              5.     In the Name field of the Create New User page enter the name of the user.
              User names are case sensitive and must be unique. Do not use commas, tabs or any other characters in the following comma-separated list:
              < >, #, |, &, ?, ( ), { }
              6.     (Optional) In the Description field, enter a description. The description might be the user's full name.
              7.     In the Provider drop-down list, select the Authentication provider for the user.
              If multiple WebLogic Authentication providers are configured in the security realm, they will appear in the list. Select which WebLogic Authentication provider’s database should store information for the new user.
              8.     In the Password field, enter a password for the user.
              The minimum password length for a user defined in the WebLogic Authentication provider is 8 characters. Do not use the username/password combination weblogic/weblogic in production.
              9.     Re-enter the password for the user in the Confirm Password field.
              10.     Click OK to save your changes.
              The user name appears in the User table.
              11. Next add this new user to the "cisuser" group in Web Logic, as the user won't be able to logon without being in the group.
              After you finish
              For more efficient management, Oracle recommends adding users to groups. For instructions, see Add users to groups

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