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    Return Multiple entities with different classes

      From the following document, i could get how to get Hibernate return Multiple entities. In this example, it's always 2 returning entity but the final result is only one class called "Night.class"


      I have a scenario, where for view only purposes, i need to return Multiple Non-Connected entities (different classes) using same Named Query. I tried following option.
       name = "CustomerQuery1",
       query = "SELECT tl1.srno as srno1, tl1.date_added, st1.srno as srno2, st1.value1 " +
               "FROM custdb st1, top_list tl1  WHERE st1.personid=4 and tl1.personid=4",
       resultSetMapping = "joinMapping")
       @SqlResultSetMapping(name = "joinMapping", entities = {
       @EntityResult(entityClass = com.testdb.entb.CustDB1.class, fields = {
       @FieldResult(name = "srno", column = "srno2"),
       @FieldResult(name = "value1", column = "value1"),
       @EntityResult(entityClass = com.testdb.entb.TopList.class, fields = {
       @FieldResult(name = "srno", column = "srno1"),
       @FieldResult(name = "dateAdded", column = "date_added"),
      The above scenario did not work. Also the native query need to return only partial set of columns from each table. Not all the columns from each table. I read one possible solution is to use "Projection".

      Can you please provide a example, how the mapping should like , for initializing multiple Entity classes having only partial set of columns, using Named/Native Query?

      Thanks again in Advance