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    Progress Bar - lost ajax call - ie 6

      I'm using a progress bar component that returns a javascript error on ie 6. The exact error is that 'data' is undefined in the function 'processResponse' in the file progressbar/script.js as shown below:

      bpui.progressbar.processResponse = function(data) {
      var clientIdNode = data.getElementsByTagName("clientId")[0];
      var percentageNode = data.getElementsByTagName("percentage")[0];
      var percentageTextNodes = data.getElementsByTagName("percentageText");
      var statusTextNodes = data.getElementsByTagName("status");
      var clientId = clientIdNode.firstChild.nodeValue;

      this function is called from this function in the same file
      bpui.progressbar.processLoad = function(type, data, event) {
      if (event.readyState == 4) {
      if (event.status == 200) {

      The first idea would be "the server is not responding", however, throught a http analizer we can see the server response and nothing is set to the 'data' variable. To me this is a bug in the bp-ui-14.jar, but, by now i haven't found a way to solve it. Any ideas?

      this component works properly in both Firefox and Chrome.

      kind regards,