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    Help needed on Error 404--Not Found.

      I have an application that is done using blueprint framework.
      When i tried to submit the form from page1.jsp, i have the above error.

      on my 1st page (page1.jsp), i have the form that will submit to "page1submit.jsp".
       <form name="mainform" action="page1submit.jsp" method="post">
        <input type="checkbox" name="sysreq" value="yes">
       <input type=submit value="Next" name="next">
      In my mappings.xml
        <url-mapping url="page1submit.jsp" screen="data.screen">
      In my screen_definition.xml:
         <screen name="data">
          <parameter key="title" value="OnlineApp" direct="true"/>
          <parameter key="banner" value="/header.jsp" />
          <parameter key="body" value="/page2.jsp" />
          <parameter key="footer" value="/footer.jsp" />
      Where/ what is wrong? Thanks.

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