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    Complete Instructions on how to Build GlassFish V2


      I have GlassFish V2ur2 integrated into NetBeans 6.5 under Windows Vista. The instructios refer to V2ur1 version, but no problem at this point. My question is where do I create the workspace directory?

      By the other hand, my installer home is not C:\Sun\Application Server instead C:\Program Files\galssfish-v2ur2 that is the default while the installation.

      The instructions I meaning are in https://glassfish.dev.java.net/public/BuildGlassFish.html#Branch.

      I have posted other question about what is before, BluePrints installation or javaee5-samples-*.jar. It is not necesary to install BluePrints. Following the instructions you will get a directory samples and inside of it you can depoly the samples.

      Comeing back to my question. The problem is that if you create de workspace directory into a wrong directory you will can not execute the step 4.- maven configure-runtime because it need some files that are in the installer home in the directory C:\Program Files\glassfish-v2ur2\lib\install\templates. So it make me guess that if in fact is necesry all of this.

      Any idea?

      Jose Alvarez de Lara