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    What before, BluePrints or javaee5-samples-1.0-installer.jar


      I find myself in a particular situation. I want to install the javaee5-samples-1.0-installer.jar, but I need to have installed Java BluePrints. I use NetBeans 6.5 and glassfish v2ur2 all integrated in the IDE on Windows Vista

      When I go to the directory samples I find that I have not the bp-project directory.

      They say you must set up Application Server environment and follow the basic steps in the Common Build Instructions for Sample Applications to configure your environment. When I get there they say the sample applications use the Java BluePrints build system that employs a set of Ant build scripts (XML files) in the samples/bp-project directory that I have not.

      Following, in Procedure (Common Build Instructions for Sample Applications), step 2:

      Edit the file <javaee.home>/samples/bp-project/build.properties and set the value of javaee.server.passwordfile (see below). Note: the Java EE 5 SDK installer automatically sets default values for some of these properties.

      I have no any build.properties. That is the reason I have to download BluePrints, but at this point I feel completely lost because to install BluePrints I need have installed the samples.

      Will you help me with this?

      Thanking in advance,
      Jose Alvarez de Lara