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    File missing in petstore1.4

      Hi all,
      i unzipped the sample bundle of j2ee1.4 but i got an error while doing asant in the samples/bluprints/petstore1.4/src folder as the instructions say. The error is about java.io.FileNotFoundException: samples/common-ant.xml (No such file or directory). And also sample/common.properties file is missing.

      Can anyone explain me why are these files missing?

      Thank you all.
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          Hi luker,
          I think the easies way is to copy the entire samples directory to the following folder, c:\Sun\AppServer\samples or any location that you installed the Sun application server. The missing files is at that location. The problem happens because we install the application server and the sample bundles separately and unfortunately we don't have any file mention this problem.
          Tell me if it works luker