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    JPA and multiple JVMs - refresh problems - architecture tips


      We have an application that uses JPA for DB access. We are using hibernate JPA/entity managers.

      There are 2 JVM processes, one for the web front end and one for the core processing engine.

      Currently each JVM talks to the DB directly via JPA/entity managers. But we get a lot of problems with refreshes. If the user makes a change to the data via the web front end, it saves it to the DB and then sends a signal to the other JVM to do a refresh. We then do an entityManager.refresh on the specified object.

      This does not seem to do a deep refresh, especially when objects/rows are deleted. We get entity not found exceptions. We've hacked around it a bit by clearing the local collections which seems to help sometimes and JPA then reloads the child objects.

      My question is - is this a bug in hibernate and/or our configuration and the refreshes should work or should the DB layer be done from one JVM and the other layers should go through that JVM for db updates etc.

      Thanks in advance for any tips/advice.