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    Aproach for Data migration: A Java tool or an ETL??


      In my current assignment we are planning to migrate data from Db2 to Oracle. Currently the data is stored in the form of a XML blob in DB2. However we have designed a relation data model in Oracle to store the same data (which was stored as a XML blob in DB2).

      We are also introducing JPA layer for persistence to store and retrieve data to/from oracle.

      I have around 50 million records in DB2 in the form of XML blob. Now I want to move this data to Oracle (in a relation db model- each entity stored in a seperate table).

      I want to know which of the below approaches I should follow to do this data migration:

      1. Use an ETL tool. My company has Ab Initio license, so I can use this ETL tool.[I do not have experience, but will be eager to learn].

      2. Build a new tool using Java for this migration. As I had done a POC on using JPA for persisting and retrieving entities, and the JPA mappings is already there, I can reuse some of this code. And some additional processing which needs to be done in approach 1 can be avoided. [Additional processing : mapping entity to database, processing XML blob and reading its content]

      So please help me in making this decision with appropriate points.

      Thanks in advance,