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    Magic Square Algorithm

      I posted this question on Ubuntu forums but it was closed because it's part of the code of conduct over there to not ask for homework help so I made an account here. So here is the question: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1445529

      Someone gave me an answer that works but I would appreciate it if someone could help me understand because I don't just want to blindly copy that code. In fact, I'd like to implement it myself but I'd like to know:

      1) What his or her code does exactly that makes it work
      2) What my code was doing wrong

      Any input would be greatly appreciated!
      Thanks in advance!
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          And why do you think we're going to do your homework for you? Get lost, lazy kiddo.
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            I already have "the answer." So technically, right now all I am asking is to just get help to understand what I was doing wrong and what the other guy did right ... that sounds pretty legitimate to me.

            (If this is not a homework helping forum then what is? I'm actually asking because I have math & physics homework help forums with people helping for example but in programming people tend to reject me)

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              If there is someone out there that will answer me: I'm still analyzing and trying to reproduce the code without looking at it but I don't understand why there is a row = row + 2; in the code that guy gave me in the other forum.

              I thought that when a position of the magic square is not taken (== 0 in the component of the array) that you would just add 1 to the row but do nothing to the column, instead I see that the guy did:
              row =+ 2;
              and apart from the two System.out.println(); lines of his code, it's all good.

              Edit: Also another thing I realized is when my teacher showed us how a magic square works, he showed us that you go up 1 and right 1 but if you're adding to the rows component of the array then aren't you going down? Also, if you're subtracting from column, aren't you going left instead of right?

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