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    Tracking of records selected by a user

      I have a requirement which actually needs to keep track of all the items selected by a customer (items displayed 50 per page). each item has check box and customer can check and uncheck. Once he done with selection he justs get the list of items downloaded.(max is 1000 items can be downloaded)

      My question is how can this be implemented
      1. we can put everything in a session, each item has id value of type int(so on a max 1000 * 4 or 2 bytes will be used by a customer)
      2. we can use database to keep track of customer id and item id selected in a table
      3. we can also use file system to create files to which he selected

      I cant use above three styles for various reasons. Can any one help me out to do it in a different way.

      Thank you,
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          no, we can't.
          Your statement that you can't use any of the working methods (though the last is exceedingly clunky and errorprone) is utterly idiotic. Which means either you are an utter idiot (else you'd have found ways to use the proper ways) or you're working in an utterly idiotic environment.
          In either case, you're beyond saving.
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            What do you think of using some key value or document based databases( i know i said database is not an option) which are very fast compared to normal databases or in simple words use a database which doesnt deal with locking, etc etc stuff.

            Bottom line overused systems, and dont want db or sessions as it is a old clumsy app, thats the reason I posted on algorithmic section and may be thought some might come up with a unusual way of doing it, which might fit the bill.

            However, I know you are pretty professional by the number of posts you had, you should have stopped with a NO which I would have taken it quite nicely.

            Thanks tho,