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    Text Mining Algorithm

      We are building a desktop application which will mine the business news available over the Internet and use it for forecasting the stock market. We are now stuck up at the algorithm which should be used. Can Bayesian Networks be used? Or do we have to make a new algorithm altogether?

      Thank you.
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          You plan on forecasting the stock market but you're "stuck" at the algorithm?
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            Hello, thank you for replying.

            By "stuck up" we mean that we are not able to do the implementation part in Java. As there is not enough content available on the Internet, we dont understand how will the implementation actually start.

            Points taken into consideration are:
            1. Rate the news(good or bad).
            2. Plot graph of the quotes of a Company in the last fortnight.

            Using these two parameters we try to predict the stability of the company.

            Your valuable inputs are always welcome.
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              There is more than enough available, for the right price.
              There are many specialised companies doing exactly that, buying raw data from stock markets etc. and analysing it.

              More I cannot say as I'm under an NDA after working for just such a company for several years.
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                Can you please provide some useful sites that i can refer to for completing this. We have chosen this topic as our final year project and would value your every possible help in this.