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    calculate the time needed to complete proceses


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      could I ask for help in determining the calculation of the remaining time needed to complete the process,

      begin prereqisities>
      diskFolder ---> subFolder1 (500 files, averageSize 15kB)

      ---> subFolder2 (75T files, averageSize 3kB)

      ---> subFolder3 (120T files, averageSize 2kB)

      ---> subFolder4 (50t files, averageSize 3kB)



      ---> subFolder21(5T files, averageSize 4kB)

      cca 1,25M files at size 95MB,
      I would like to download these files and then save to db, but transfers rate <= 30kB/s (vpn) and available during working hours, ()

      1/ I know the number of files and their final size (per folder, subforlders too),
      2/ I think about using two threads,

      - the first to create listArray1 subFoldersName, fileName, isExist, savedDb, timestampt
      this one will to prepare contents for next subFolder and will await the completion of the second thread

      - the second (only in case of 1st. ends, or ends with success) to copy listArray1 to listArray2
      runs 1.st thread again
      starts to download files and store them in db

      3/ know the final number of files in the diskFolder, also for subFolder,
      know the final size of files in diskFolder, whether for subFolder,

      4/ know to convert/express these values in percentage format
      <end prereqisities

      and my question is how, how way to discover the endpoint:
      - time remaining for subFolder
      - time remaining for the entire diskFolder

      1/ calculate by loadedSize(but there are bit v.s. byte 8/10) ???
      2/ calculate by No.file(in pct forms) v.s. final No. from subFolder (or diskFolder) ???
      3/ must I to combine loadedSize with loadedFilesNo (for final calculations about diskFolder status) ???

      ... kopik

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