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    Calculating geodetic ellipse


      In a geographic program I have the following problem:
      I have an ellipse given as ellipse(longitude,latitude,semiMajor,semiMinor,angle)
      The semiMajor/Minor are in meters.
      Now I need to plot this shape acurately onto a map .In order to do this I need to create a whole lot of points on the perimeter of this ellipse and plot each one.
      I have a function (see below) which does this .
      The problem is that this function does not take into acount the curvature of the earth.
      I have another funtion (opensource from http://www.gavaghan.org/blog/free-source-code/geodesy-library-vincentys-formula/)
      which takes a starting point ,bearing and distance in meters and evaluates the destination coordinates reached on the earth.
      I have tried in the code below to use these two functions together in order to produce an ellipse correct for the earths curvature however for some reason I get a peanut shape instead of an ellipse!
      Could someone maybe see where I've gone wrong?

      protected void buildEllipse(double centerX,double centerY,
                     double semiMajor,double semiMinor,double angleOfEllipse) 
                //the amount of points on the perimeter to calculate
                double angleStepSize = 0.5;
                //the array of normal points (using classes from the JTS library)
                Coordinate[] coords1 = new Coordinate[(int)(360/angleStepSize)];
                //the array of geodetically corrected points 
                Coordinate[] coords2 = new Coordinate[(int)(360/angleStepSize)];
                double beta = -angleOfEllipse * (Math.PI / 180); 
                double sinbeta = Math.sin(beta);
                double cosbeta = Math.cos(beta);
                int i = 0;
                for (double angleOffset = 0; angleOffset < 360; angleOffset += angleStepSize) 
                     double alpha = angleOffset * (Math.PI / 180) ;
                     double sinalpha = Math.sin(alpha);
                     double cosalpha = Math.cos(alpha);
                     double xDiff =  
                          (semiMajor * cosalpha * cosbeta - semiMinor * sinalpha * sinbeta);
                     double x = centerX + xDiff;
                     double yDiff =
                          (semiMajor * cosalpha * sinbeta + semiMinor * sinalpha * cosbeta);
                     double y = centerY + yDiff;
                     coords1[i] = new Coordinate(x,y);
                     //here I find the distance in meters from the center of the ellipse
                     //to the new x y point found (I hope?)
                     double hyp = Math.sqrt((xDiff*xDiff)+(yDiff*yDiff));
                     double bearing = angleOfEllipse + angleOffset;
                     //This function finds the destination coordinates on the surface
                     //of the earth (I'm sure it works, used it elswhere)
                     GlobalCoordinates dest = calculateEndingCoords(centerX,centerY,hyp,bearing);
                     coords2[i++] = new Coordinate(dest.getLongitude(),dest.getLatitude());
                //At this stage coords1 draws an ellipse,
                //coords2 draws a peanut!