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    Optimized Time table generator algorithm


      I want to do a time table generator program for my school. I have to follow some rules:

      There can't be classes in the same room at the same time. A teacher can't give more than 1 class at the same time. Classes should be assigned to allowed rooms only (lab-classes versus theory classes). Teachers can't give classes at their occupied hours, also they should (not mandatory) have classes in their "favourite" hours.

      The objective is to do timetables for the 5 years (that have diferent courses), i don't have any restriction about students, just don't have same year courses at the same time.

      If it can simplify the algorithm: i have to do it in a "distributed" environment, so each agent will do the timetable for each year, they can comunicate with eachother... If this only brings dificulty, ignore...

      I believe this is a well investigated problem so i just want to read about how to solve it, with that i believe i can do the "distributed" version of it. So, if you want ignore that there are several years (msc, bsc classes, etc) in my school, just do a simple time table with that restritions.

      I will appreciate any reading material about this algorithm or code samples. If i can find a solution to it i will distribute my program opensource,freeware :)

      thanks in advance for your help
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