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    Target position prediction

      Hi all,

      I am currently working on a simple Java game and was looking for some help regarding position / route prediction of targets. Every target consists of a current position (latitude / longitude), a course, a heading and a position history (ie a list of past positions). My maths are terrible and it's my first time at this, so I basically copied the IBM robocode tutorials on target prediction, which basically is:
       futureLongitude = currentLong + speed * time * sin(course)
       futureLatitude = currentLat + speed * time * cos(course)
      Now, I was wondering whether people could suggest any algorithms / resources that could help me improve such prediction (for example, take into account future change in heading / bearing, past positions, uncertainty etc). I saw that some games (including robocode) use a radar style approach, whereby a target's future position is visualized as a cone moving out from the target. That is, further ahead in time that we want to predict the target's position, the more "uncertain" this prediction becomes, eventually
      forming a type of cone.

      Any thoughts (outside of googling?) or ideas? Are there any good Java APIs out there that achieve this?

      Thanks for your time,
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          arawen2007 wrote:
          My maths are terrible...
          With this as part of your design criteria, the very best thing that I can tell you is to go back and LEARN MATH or you are going to find yourself continually in the same prediciment that you are in now--not able to do what you want without the significant help of others to do what you don't understand. You cannot be a decent programmer or game developer without MATH SKILLS.
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            Ok, other than that, would you have any recommendations regarding the issue?
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              You're not going to understand, most of what you ask is rooted in Math, and as such, is going to very quickly (like istantly) zoom over your head. I make that assumption since you cannot work with basic trig to plot coordinates if given an angle.