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    Need suggestions for socket data transmission

      Hi, I've been working on a multi-player board game project for a while. It's going quite well for beginner -I guess-, but there is something disturbing me about data transmission between the server and the client. I'm using well-known methods such as writing string data to socket's stream . Here is the thing; whole such addressing data is like;
      100!userName ****
      101!1 2 3 someString!
      I'm parsing this strings, then using it as like 100 meant to be call login(param) method and userName **** is the param. That was the first method when i were first learned basics of socket communication.

      I'm sure that there must be some better methods to do this or may be some libraries. I've Googled about it but solutions are kinda similar. So is there anyone who can lead me to an article or name a book for me to read about optimizing data transmission between the client and server for a turn-based game?

      p.s. : I'm sorry for my bad English and mistakes.
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          If it works, it is good enough for your board game, so for now I wouldn't take the next step if I were you.

          When you start to need optimization, you'll be working on a game that has to synchronize many players in a large mutating world. By that time you'll be working with fun topics such as latency, interpolation, compression and optimization by prediction schemes - advanced stuff you won't want to bother yourself with yet.

          In any case, I find that this forum FAQ answers many questions, so perhaps you'll spark some ideas from it:


          (most of the questions assume C/C++, but they translate to basically any language).