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    EIS / javax.resource.cci.Interaction

      I am trying to resolve a problem with a program written several years ago. I have narrow down the code below that is suppose to retrieve data from a database and store the values in the MappedRecord. The problem I am running into is that several of the fields are date fields and the values are being decremented by one day. This started happening several months ago. This program is running on WAS using Java SDK 1.5 SR9 Cumulative Fix for WebSphere Application Server.
      MappedRecord mrGetPropsInput = recordFactory.createMappedRecord("DocumentPropertiesRequest");
      mrGetPropsInput.put("doc_id", new Long(strDocID));
      mrGetPropsInput.put("is_lock_desired", new Boolean(true));
      MappedRecord mrGetPropsResult = (MappedRecord)interaction.execute(iSpec, mrGetPropsInput);
      All help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.