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    Setting up a Windows Service for Glassfish v3

      Hello all,

      I have installed Glassfish v3 on our server, but it seems to close down once in a while and does not start up automatically since it is not installed as a service.

      This is the command I try:

      C:\Sun\SDK\lib\appservService.exe "C:\glassfishv3\glassfish\bin\asadmin.bat --user admin start-domain domain1" "C:\glassfishv3\glassfish\bin\asadmin.bat stop-domain domain1\"" start=auto

      I have tried it with various \ and " added here and there. sc.exe always displays its syntax.

      The last I have gotten the following error:
      "errorprinter The service process can not connect to the service controller"

      As you see my appservService.exe and glassfish are in different directories. This is because I had installed the SDK for glassfish v2 and am trying to reuse it as you see.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.