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      I'm trying to use the JAIN SIP api. After some unsucessful effort at attempting to get this to work, I'm looking for a simple example to show me how to log into a sip server. I'm primarily looking at IM with SIP and would like to be able to login to a SIP server (sip.company.net:443) with a given username/password.

      Any ideas?

      Many Thanks
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          Hello, i found some good examples in the package JAIN NIST SIP, search for SIP NIST in the web and you will find it very easy.


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            I am presently working in VoIP using SIP. I am working in jain sip phone n server. I have embed the phone into browser. When calling party make call to called party. The voice message is transmitted from called party to calling party only via sip server. Whoever initiate a call can hear only.

            Please help me to solve this problem

            Thank u