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    JAIN_v1.1: Wrong toAddress in BYE request

      Hi, guys,

      I'm developing a simple JAIN-SIP application.

      I want to send a BYE back after receiving a ACK of INVITE's OK. But in the BYE request, i found that the toAddress is "". The fromAddress is correct.

      How does it come?

      My codes:
      private void processAck(RequestEvent requestEvent, ServerTransaction st) {
           SipProvider sipProvider = (SipProvider) requestEvent.getSource();
           System.out.println("\nServer : Got ACK. Calling......");
           try {
                System.out.println("Server : Calling End! Sending BYE... ");
                dialog = st.getDialog();
                Request byeRequest = dialog.createRequest(Request.BYE);
                ClientTransaction ct = sipProvider.getNewClientTransaction(byeRequest);
                System.out.println("   Dialog State = " + dialog.getState());
                System.out.println("Server : BYE Send!");
           } catch (Exception e) {
      I checked the dialog by printing it. And it seems okay. Can you help me?