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    Permission to use java

      Hi all,
      First I have to tell you that, if this is not the place I have to post this very sorry for my mistake.
      What I need to know is,
      �     I have an applet I developed for a commercial web site using J2SDK 1.4.2
      �     If the viewer doesn�t have JRE in his machine my web page will detect that and redirect him to a site where there is a link to the SUN site and another link to the JRE 1.4.2 which is saved in our domain.
      �     I am using the images to link s

      1.     is it legal ok to do what I am doing (save LRE version in my domain let views download from it)
      2.     is it ok to put a link to your main site in our page
      3.     what are the images I can use
      4.     if some one can send few images it will be a big help
      5.     do I have to obtain a special license for this

      Thank You all