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    Porting Java Sources to other languages

      well, I know I might be in the wrong place with this, but since the subforum's theme is somewhat related to my question, I'll try to get an answer here.

      Along with the upcoming hype around AJAX (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AJAX) I see the need for a clean and extensible code base for rapid development of GUIs.

      That's why I started to port the swing-framework to JavaScript. This may sound like a stupid idea to you (specially because of the flaws a scripting language like javascript has) but it works like a charm. Classes I have ported so far are:
      the javax.plaf.basic.* package
      JMenuItem etc. pp.

      Of course I had to redesign and adapt some designs from the Java-language to Javascript, like the EventQueue.

      Anyway, since lots of the sources are ported 1:1 I somewhat feel unsure regarding the SUN PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTAL license found in the sources within the javax.* and java.* packages.

      So, here's my question: Am I allowed to port the sources, and if so, in which context? Am I allowed to attach an OpenSource license to the port? May Sun be interested in the port?

      And if this is not the proper place to ask, could you point me to someone who could answer this question?

      Kind regards