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      Hello people,

      I have an exam in about 4 hours from now. I want you guys to wish me the best of luck. I have learnt more from you people in here than I have learnt from my professor in the uni.

      Most of you have answered the questions I posted very well and I now feel like a programmer than I was before coming to this forum.

      Guys, if I pass...it would be because of your help. You are my friends that are always there.

      Love you guys
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          ok .. ALL the very best

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            Good Luck, but I don't think you need it - you'll make it anyway!
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              Okay, OmegaNetwork, you've had a Weekend to come over it, should have been enough politeness.

              Now comes the curiosity part: DID YOU PASS?
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                Am very sorry for not coming back to tell you guys how the exam went.

                But am happy to tell you that the exam was very good. I will pass with very good grades. We were given three long questions and ten short questions. We had to choose one from three questions, and attempt ten short ones.

                I did the RMI question from the three long ones, which was to develop an application that would connect to the server and copy a file from the server. This was very easy to do as I have attempted this particular question from past questions.

                The short questions were about interfaces and abstract class, threads, Sockets, EchoServer and EchoClient, Design patterns, Singleton, Refactoring, types of polymorphism, CORBA IDL, and how and when to implement Runnable rather extending Thread class.

                When I opened the question paper and saw these questions, I was very happy. It was like you guys had helped prepared me for the exam.

                I want to say thank you to all of you out there for support and effort.

                I love you guys