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    who knows java.sql.DatabaseMetaData ??

      Hello !!

      I'm implementing the DatabaseMetaData interface and I need to know if somebody already used it ...

      Here's my question: there's a method called getIndexInfo(parameters) ...
      DriverManager.registerDriver( new com.progress.sql.jdbc.JdbcProgressDriver() );            
      Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection (parameters);
      DatabaseMetaData dbmd = con.getMetaData();
      ResultSet  rsIndex = dbmd.getIndexInfo( null, db_schema, table_name, false, false );
      This method gets a description of a table's indices and statistics ( J2SE v1.3.1 ) ... one of the statistics that I can get is the TYPE (index type). I want to know what's the difference them :

      tableIndexStatistic <<
      tableIndexClustered <<
      tableIndexHashed <<
      tableIndexOther <<

      Somebody can help me ??

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          ... Don't understand you...

          This forums list have posted by you in few days.
          Three topics abaut the same theme... and in three case you offer dukes, and after users post response to you, forget ever assign dukes.

          ...mmm... is not right...

          5 - who knows java.sql.DatabaseMetaData ??
          10 - HELP !! java.sql.DatabaseMetaData again ...

          10 - java.sql.DatabaseMetaData ...

          what do you want?.-
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            do you still need an answer or you already find out what you are looking for?
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              look jpadron, I don't know how to use this "duke's dollars" ... when I entered in this forum, it's because I'm a unexperienced Java programmer and I really need some help in some situations ... so, about the Dukes, i really don't mind...

              yes, dungmai!! i still need the answer ... if you can help me, i'll apreciate!! doesn't matter the dukes ...