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    JMX request.waiting.timeout

      In the JMX Remote API 1.0 Specifications it states that the request.waiting.timeout is the

      "Timeout in milliseconds for the response to each JMXMP client request. If a response does not arrive
      within this time, the connection is assumed to be broken and is terminated. Specifying too short a value will cause this to happen for requests whose treatment happens to be slow. Default value is

      In my code, I've specified :
      Long requestTimeout = 2000;
      Map env = new HashMap();
      env.put("jmx.remote.x.request.waiting.timeout", Long.toString(requestTimeout));     
      JMXConnector remoteConnector = JMXConnectorFactory.connect(url, env);
      Firstly, I do not seem to be getting the timeout of 2 seconds though I am setting this property in the environment. I'm testing this using a remote client that blocks itself (by sleeping) indefinately. In effect, other processes in the group are also held up as it fails to terminate the blocking connection (the default value of this timeout being infinite)

      Secondly, I cannot see this property anywhere in the JMX source code.
      Is there any way to verify that this property "jmx.remote.x.request.waiting.timeout" does exist in my JMX implementation? I came to know that this property should have been defined in JMX source EnvHelp class, but I don't see this defined there.

      If anyone has any experience in using this timer, please do let me know. Any help would be appreciated.