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    any one know on quartz scheduling

      I am getting a problem in rescheduling the job using quartz.
      thhis is my sample code.
      Date newtime=new Date(date.getTime()+(10000L*6L*cim));
           JobDetail job = new JobDetail("job1", "group1",SimpleJob.class);
           SimpleTrigger trigger = new SimpleTrigger ("trigger","group", newtime);

      i am getting the exception as :
      org.quartz.SchedulerException: Trigger's related Job's name cannot be null
           at org.quartz.Trigger.validate(Trigger.java:906)
           at org.quartz.SimpleTrigger.validate(SimpleTrigger.java:853)
           at org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler.rescheduleJob(QuartzScheduler.java:857)
           at org.quartz.impl.StdScheduler.rescheduleJob(StdScheduler.java:314)
           at SchedulerMaint.resetScheduler(SchedulerMaint.java:80)
           at Test.main(Test.java:31)
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          you can't use ==>SimpleTrigger(String name, String group, Date startTime) <== Contract not have String jobName

          this right ==>
          SimpleTrigger(String name, String group, String jobName, String jobGroup, Date startTime, Date endTime, int repeatCount, long repeatInterval)