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    JAVA + PLC

      Hello guys
      (sorry for my grammar)

      is possible that with Java work with PLC (just siemens) ??

      i want to make a GUI - server side- and manipule a PLC

      to turn on ,mm well, a motor or timer etc

      if the answer is yes, give me please a good book related with the topic and some tutorials on line

      thanks a lor for your time
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          is possible that with Java work with PLC (just
          siemens) ??

          you should have tried using google first.

          it lead me to this link
          here's the product information page

          maybe you could find something better in your search.
          best of luck.
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            hello aniseed

            thanks for your links,

            yes u right about google, but for a lot of links few are really good, and your links are!!!

            i will see if can work with other PLC of other company

            i will look for a good book, amazon maybe have one

            thanks for your time
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              pls tell me how to interface PLC with JAVA by using java programming.
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                have you read any of the preceding messages?
                If so, which part of RTFM didn't you understand?