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    J2SE Bluetooth API


      I�m working on a project where I have to build a bluetooth server to connect Mobiles to it.

      The problem I have is to find an API to use bluetooth under J2SE. It seems to be easy to find that for J2ME, but not for J2SE.

      I found something on benhui.net, but I�m not sure if this is the best solution.

      Does someone have experiences with something like that?

      I would be very happy to have an API for Win AND Linux. I think I will try the solution from benhui.net, but perhaps someone has a better idea.

      And what about a Linux API? I found that JBluez at sourceforge, but this project seems to be dead (nothing happened there for about 2 years).

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          You can map the BT to a COM port on your machine using an adapter software (usually comes with the BT package) and then use APIs that uses the Java COMM API to connect to mobiles that are already connected to the machine via this adapter. such APIs like JSMS authored by http://www.objectxp.com/

          this is not the propper place to post this question, since there is a froums related to the wireless fields at http://forums.java.sun.com/wireless
          Mohammed Saleem
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            Thank you for reply.

            Now i have my BT USB Dongle.
            There is a software that allows it to map the BT on a com port.

            Is it know simply possible to use this connection like a normal connection via comport?

            By the way, i think it is the right place to post this question. Because I need help with J2SE, not with J2ME. The mobile part is the easyer one i thinlk..


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              You must install the USB Adapter coming with the package CD, so you'll be able to use the Java COMM API to connect to the propper serial port that will be mapped automatically after the installation.

              This place is for the netwrok communications, but J2ME and BT,... need J2SE, so you will have more chances there to find experts with BT.

              Mohammed Saleem
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                Dear Saleem,
                Friend i am also working on the same project and have installed the dongle's software that has mapped the peering connection of dongle and my mobile on COM6 port.
                Now tell me how can i send data to my mobile phone ( Nokia 6600 ) from my J2SE application.

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                  An RFE for this that has ID 6519117
                  vote for it.
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                    i would like to develop application "consulting of account bank with mobile" so i would like to do server with J2se et client whith J2ME so
                    plz help me who i can simulate the result in the pc (whithout connecting
                    pc and mobile)
                    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me