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    IOException Resource temporarily unavailable

      I have a program that opens a socket and listens for udp packets. The code snippet code goes like this

      while( true )

      byte[] buf = new byte[ 2048 ];
      DatagramPacket p = new DatagramPacket( buf, buf.length );

      try { socket.receive( p ); }
      catch( IOException exc )
      log("Socket read error: " + exc.getMessage());
      //... do something with p

      My program works fine until I get this "Resource temporarily unavailable" exception. (I dont use nio classes) Iam on linux 8.0 with JRE1.5..
      When does this exception occur ? Is there any workaround ? It looks like this would be thrown when no data is available on the socket (but I dont get this in Windows) Any help would be greatly appreciated.