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    Source not found error in Eclipse


      I am using Eclipse 3.2.1 with Weblogic 8.1 plugin. I got the project and its running fine.

      Problem is when I am trying to debug and add some break points and its showing error in eclipse as below

      Source not found

      and followed by Edit source lookup path button.

      I am not sure why this is happening when running in debug mode.

      Any reply would greatly appreciate.

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          I am exactly encountering the same issue. I am using Eclipse 3.2.2 on Windows XP 32bits SP2.

          Did you find out how to fix it since you posted here?

          Any help would be appreciated.

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            I had this problem but I found the solution:


            In short, you need to click the "edit source lookup path" and add a "Path Mapping". Edit that "New Mapping" then enter the following:

            For Complication path:

            For Local file system path:

            (Assume the C:\workspace is your current eclipse workspace)

            You can also make it as default in Main Window-> Window -> Preference

            The eclipse uses Unix filesystem by default. That's why you see "Mapping Paths" setting in Windows version.
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              i have the same problem with the weblogic eclipse plugin
              i think this is a bug in the plugin and there is no support for it
              about the solution offered it only for debugging c/c++ as i understood