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    Windows Memory and Thread State Dump Tools

      I am running tomcat on java 1.5_07. Tomcat is running as a service on Windows Server 2003. We are running into heap utilization issues and would like to find a way to locate the objects that are using up the most heap space.
      I need to be able to do this in a production environment, so anything with overhead would not work for me.

      Most of the built-in java tools such as jmap, jhat, jstat were not available in 1.5. Running on 1.6 is not an option at this point.

      I have tried yourkit, and while it serves the purpose of creating a memory dump and finding out the type of objects that are utilizing the most space, it does not show the contents of objects. In my case char[] are taking the majority of space, although that does not tell me enough.

      So what are the best tools to use to create crash/hang dumps of the memory and thread states for tomcat using java 1.5 running on windows as a service?