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dcminter, a long time valuable contributor to these forums and author of several books including the Hibernate bible has had his account suspended by Sun.

This was not due to policy violations or violations of the code of conduct but because something about his username has made the U.S government decide that he might be a terrorist or other bullshit. And so Sun has suspended his account until they complete a "manual review" of his account and information.

Now I realize that in the Fascist States of America that upon mentioning the word terrorist all agencies must immeadiatley begin behaving like deranged baboons or risk being branded as un-patriotic however this situations is phenomenally stupid since he has not been barred from accessing the site. Just barred from answering questions.

I would implore Sun to expedite this ridiculous review process. Someone who has contributed to the Java community, not just here but as a several times published author of Java books does not deserve this type of craptacular treatment and surely does deserve to have this fuck up resolved ASAP.

And I for one will not be answering any questions on this site until this matter is resolved. And a public apology would be nice too but I know that's expecting too much...

For confirmation from the user in question please see

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