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    HELP!!!! Java Destroyed My gui

      So I've been working for two weeks on a virtual piano gui for java, with a grid layout and such. I try running it yesterday, and a error comes up form the program saying something to the effect of FATAL ERROR. Ive gotten those before, so I just closed the program out and restarted it. I tried to find my file, but it wasnt in my My Documents folder where I kept it. So I did a google desktop search through all my files. ITS NOWHERE. It was destroyed (I checked my computer log) So I went to go to my backup on my Mybook. So I click on it, but it says the disk is corrupted. I tried everything to save the external drive, even calling Western Digital. Basically, I have a GUI due Thursday, I cant remember the stuff i used for my virtual piano one because I used some different website guides, and I don't have that time to rebuild it. Can one of you out there please help me think of a new and easy yet advanced (Im in my second year of Comp Sci but Im not a strong programmer at ALL) that I could do that looks complicated. Maybe give me some help on it? I really need help, as this decides my fourth quarter grade, and Ill get an F if I don't turn in a project. It really sucks to be me.
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          "I'm sorry sir but the computer ate my homework"
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            The dog ate my homework!

            Java does not just eat files. What program gave you this fatal error?

            You should take your computer in for expert help and repair. Even if the file is actually gone your computer, she sounds very borked.
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              Yeah, I was using PCGrasp, its kind of old. My comp is okay, Ive done some repairs on it, my Dad is actually better than most of the tech repairs and he did a few tweaks, but he said he couldnt find anything wrong. Its very strange. I still need a project though.
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                she sounds very borked.
                What does an Icelandic woman who can't sing got to do with it?
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                  Most likely your computer 'hung' or something close to that that made you reboot without going through the normal procedure. Windows then prompted for a disk check and when that was done, your file was one of the corrupted ones. So it was marked as bad, converted to a .chk file and moved fo a FOUND.000 or something like that directory. This is an error you can recover from by installing a recover-my-deleted-files program like IOLO's System Mechanic or optiong to go to a more robust operating system like Linux or Solaris.

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                    Trust me guys, Ive done everything to find the file. I have system mechanic AND tune up utilities, and both recover couldn't do anything. My Dad has a couple industrial grad e programs from work he used, and couldnt find anything/
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                      Then better start coding again coz whining about your problem does not seem to solve anything for now. Save some time now and start importing javax.swing classes... :-)
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                        By the way, learn to make backups
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                          bclev: You have a few days, so get coding.

                          The problem doesn't seem that difficult, but if you find it so, consider that you have already spent an hour of you precious time here. Wasted it, rather. Because no-one here is going to write your virtual piano.

                          So buy in some coffee, abandon this thread to the discussion of Icelandic women, and get coding.
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                            The OPs 'problem' is either caused by stupidity in not taking backups or by spending too much time in the pub and hoping that with a sufficiently sad story someone will do his homework for him.

                            I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who looses all their work since one should work on the assumption that something is going to go wrong and therefore always make a backup. Like an earlier poster, I use CVS but I also keep a daily backup of the CVS repository on a separate computer and a weekly backup on a CD.

                            I have even less sympathy with someone trying to cheat.

                            So which is it 'bclev' - stupidity or laziness.
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                              He probably was playing the tune of mission impossible on his virtual piano when it suddenly said: "This program and all of its backups will self-destruct in 5 seconds!"
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                                Im sorry your mother never told you to read everything before you decide to be an asshole. I DID make a backup you idiot. On a MyBook by Western Digital. Supposedlyreliable, it has never died on me for about 3/4 of a year. So imagine my surprise. And I dont expect a small story to help me write my code, I was asking for any ideas. God-damn it people, I'm too young to drink as well. So really, just trip over when you're on your way to that high pedestal you like to take online, and realize you comments are less sad than the person it originally came from...you.
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                                  So which is it 'bclev' - stupidity or laziness.
                                  I think you're perhaps being a little harsh. Yes we should take backups and no we shouldn't cheat.

                                  But either way, now the OP knows we're not in a position to help, hopefully this will be a learning experience and instead of listening to jibes about what he should have done/not done he can take the advice about what he should do next time.

                                  That's the important thing. If he's tried all manner of file recover and it hasn't come through for him he needs to knuckle down, get the work done and treat it as a learning experience in more ways than one.

                                  And if someone could point out a decent article on how to set up a link to a CVS system, preferably geared around smaller personal projects, I think a lot of people might benefit.
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